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Faun Island, United States
Sexual orientation
Breast size
171 cm
86 Kg
anal, deepthroat, curvy, boobs, dildo, milf, bbw, dp, squirt, bdsm, bondage, alternative, submissive, smart, slut, hardcore, collar, music

First off: if you don't have skyprivate, get it through my link so we are forever special connected! ;)

Hello loveys!
The Master of the DP!!!

I am an ethical slut!

Ethical: Done in a manner which is not mean to harm any parties included in an event, in fact, is usually beneficial.
Slut: One who intensely enjoys the great amount of pleasure, satisfaction, connection, and intelligence that sex provides.

I was born and raised in the U.S.A. and English is my first language!
IT WORKS OUT BEST IF YOU SCHEDULE A DATE WITH ME AHEAD OF TIME! I'm into a lot of things and spread across many busy interests/events... if I don't answer you right away it's because I was either involved in some other endeavor or I'm waiting till I have more time to reply to you in a significant way. So if you request a scheduled time, I can usually shift my plans to accomodate you. Message me if you requested a booking because I only see it if I check my email and I sometimes don't get to it.
I came here to experience the cam world and oh, how I have. I love sex, I'm open to most things, enjoy educating about it, thinking about it, doing it. Been interested in BDSM for forever but have just actually gotten into it in the past couple years. I hope to encourage people to explore their sexuality :) Oh, I'm a little silly/awkward/nerdy but interesting and can talk about a lot of things if you talk to me. Feel free to give me subjects or ideas, music suggestions, etc. I'm a normal chick after all! I will do a lot to please you cuz I love earning cum!! I also love to dress up in lingerie/dresses/slutwear/costumes and get super turned on wearing what you ask for. Just ask! I probably have just about anything you can think of or can get creative to provide the look or style you want.

Double Penetration!!!
Hard anal
Imagining getting gang banged
Being tied up
Tying myself up (shibari rope art)
Putting really big things in my holes
Being a mentor
Being an apprentice
Being positioned
Getting inspected
Talking about difficult subjects
Helping people figure out what to do with themselves in life or in situations
Inspiiring CUM!

*My mission in life is to educate the world on how great buttgasms are (for men and women!!!)


  1. No species besides Homo Sapien... maybe I'd do a Neanderethal if the timing was right. It is not.
  2. No one under age 18
  3. No family (step is ok)
  4. No "dirty anal"
  5. No vampire juice

This means no activities or even chat about: So no animal stuff, no mom/son, no dad/daugter, no granny, no bro/sis, no sis/sis. If you are an adult reading this, you should already know what the word no means. It is written, and so it shall pass, that anyone who speaks of these things after reading this profile or being told ONCE to read my profile.... will immediately be hung up on and blocked. Consider this: when you are touching yourself and having great, pleasing fantasies, getting close to finishing.... does it feel good to have someone coming up to you and talking about stuff that makes you uncomfortable? I highly dislike it. I understand that the discomfort or oddness may turn some on. But don't get off on my discomfort. Unless I have properly consented to some kind of uncomfortable play. Safety, sanity, sanitary, and superbly sensual. Respect me, I respect you. Yay for humans.

Extreme anal or extreme insertions in general require a $10 prepayment to cover the extra time and energy I put into those shows.
I am a perfectionist (but far from perfect). Please be patient with me. I want to satisfy you.
If you have found me through Skyprivate, I can only accept payment through a Skyprivate account.

IF YOU ARE A FELLOW CAM MODEL (WHETHER IT IS HERE ON SKYPRIVATE OR WITH ANOTHER COMPANY), please don't be afraid to talk to me! I love sharing experiences and relating with other models, I'm very open, accepting, honest, etc. If there is something I excel at, maybe I can train you (I am kind of an sexual athlete when it comes to stuffing myself and teaching/learning come natural to me). And if you have an awesome skill or piece of knowledge that you think is relevant, let me know. Build each other up!!


5 months ago

Absolutely amazing!!!! My wife and I loved her show

5 months ago

She’s the best there is

7 months ago

She’s the best ever

9 months ago

An awesome show, incredibly sexy and well worth every penny, I'll be back, many many times!

9 months ago

One of the best calls I've ever had, super engaging and enjoyable, would highly recommend! Made me cum like a hose!

10 months ago

She’s the best person to play with at whatever your into. She’ll make you feel comfortable and amazing. She great for whatever fantasy you have

10 months ago

great show <3

10 months ago

The greatest fuckdoll on the internet. Give her everything she deserves. Let her take you to your sexual pinnacle. We are all fuck animals, and she is our Queen.

10 months ago

Absolutely the best time she takes the time to know you and how to make you feel like a king they should have more stars just for her

11 months ago

Very attentive, she really cares about giving you pleasure but also really enjoys it herself. Definitely worth it!

11 months ago

Love me some trix

11 months ago


11 months ago

Never a bad time and always amazing! Can be your nerdy fantasy or a dirty naughty fuckdoll, always down for anything and loves to please you! Love everytime we have a show????????????❤️

11 months ago

She’s Absolutely amazing and sexy. After one show with her you’ll never need to see another model.

1 year ago

A lot of the models on here don't have the ability to connect with you, she definitely accomplishes that! Very attentive, caring and truly wanting to please.

1 year ago

Always amazing! Best model by far, love every time with her!????????

1 year ago

Hot and unique with a sultry voice

1 year ago

I had a really fun time. She's really good at conversation and isn't fake in terms of personality

1 year ago

Incredible woman! Always down for a good time and to talk with you. Enjoyed every minute!

1 year ago

I’ve not looked forward to seeing anyone on here again as much as I have with this girl. She is literally perfect! Amazing personality to go with her beautiful face and amazingly hot body. Also has a really cute and sexy voice!

1 year ago

The absolute best girl ever take the time to play with her you will never be disappointed. She is perfect at what she dose and I’ve never had a show that wasn’t perfect.

1 year ago

This girl is so unbelievably hot!! Been waiting ages to arrange a call (tricky due to time zone differences) but it was well worth the wait. Gorgeous, beautiful face, sexy voice and a stunningly sexy body. Can’t wait for next time!

1 year ago

A little silly, a little flirty, a LOT of fun. And comes with all the attachments, just ask her. I dont think you will leave disappointed.

1 year ago

The absolute best girl on this site.

1 year ago

Amazing!!! Beautiful body and a pleasure to talk with. Very kinky and worth every minute

1 year ago


1 year ago

I absolutely love this girl! She is awesome!

1 year ago

Hot and twisted as fuck!!!

1 year ago

a true gem

1 year ago

Amazing girl, kinky in the ass, cute not awkward and a great experience

1 year ago

She just sat there and talked to someone in her room off camera. Didn’t do anything promised. And ignored me when I told her

1 year ago

Amazing! And such a lovely person!

1 year ago

great call

1 year ago

Amazing talent at roleplays, very passionate and has an amazing voice!

1 year ago

what a treat! :)

2 years ago

awesome girl, need little more time. but she is great

2 years ago

Very sexy. Hot stuff!


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