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Sexual orientation
165 cm
75 Kg
sex, love, games, romance, feelings, lovers, relationship, experiments, space, excitement, intimacy, romanticmood, passionconnect, scenariosinbed, creativity

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♡♡♡ I'm Bonnita from Russia .. ♡♡♡

  • I keep my real name a secret because it worries me

I'm from Russia, I'm 23 years old. I love what I do and I really enjoy spending time together on this site!

I am looking for passion, romance and love entertainment.
Who knows, maybe I can find a man here and love him with all my soul and heart ...
I like men who strive for success, who are engaged in self-development, I am interested in smart, well-mannered and courteous men.
My chosen one should be able to take care of me and give me the protection and support that I so lack.
Well, where without humor? I love to have fun together. It makes me and my partner happy, and a smile is known to prolong life.

I see beauty in absolutely every person. I think this is one of my many talents ... *
I want to make my life bright and rich.
I like to cook, I like healthy food, I like swimming and I also do yoga. I love to read, I like to always learn something new and share this knowledge with the world.
My dream is to realize myself in some kind of creative profession, and I also want to travel and see the whole world.

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♡♡♡ I love dancing, talking on interesting topics, doing various pranks together, ready to try fetishes and something new
♡♡♡ Love to play and fantasize together, dirty talk and role-playing
♡♡♡ I like to undress and show my body to each other at the same time as my partner, in order to feel real pleasure together
♡♡♡ Dirty stories from my life will not leave any fan indifferent
♡♡♡ I like to just watch you bring yourself to orgasm, I like to show myself and watch
♡♡♡ I love all kinds of experiments, I am always ready to try something new, I want to know the whole variety of online pleasures with a partner

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** Just add me, I'm sure you will enjoy our conversation! ***
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I am always in touch, you can write to me at any time.
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I always try to answer calls. I love spending time on Skyprivat! It makes my life brighter and gives me real pleasure. I can definitely say that I am a fan of what I do.
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I also have my own taboos and boundaries, beyond which I will not dare to cross

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I love passion, I love to slowly or quickly sink into a person. Emotionally and not only. I love it when they want me. To love and be loved in every sense of the word. What does love mean to you? I will be glad to talk with you about this and not only ...

I want to know myself and my body in a new way. This place is the best platform for me to free myself, to discover various facets of my talent, to know the true sweetness of pleasure from a partner.

If I manage to agree with a partner about something, then for such a person I can do almost everything that he asks for

I like to express myself in a way that they like me, it turns me on when a man is strong and obsessed with me. I like to get very excited and release this energy in various forms.

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I think you will immediately realize that you are in the right place at the right time. And then it will only depend on you and me how our meeting on the Internet will end ... *
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1 week ago

Ao hot and sex y a really dream girl

3 weeks ago

An amazing show of an incredible girl. It was perfect. So hot

4 weeks ago

Incredible ❤

4 weeks ago

Sooo sexy. Great job!

4 weeks ago

Omg so sexy and Hot, very erotic woman, I like her very much

1 month ago

she changed the price before answering the call she will tell wait to get ready then she change the price take care guys

1 month ago

wooow i am speechless

1 month ago

Love her

1 month ago

Didn't charge me what was advertised

1 month ago

The best Girl ever in this channel I think I am getting addicted to her. ????

1 month ago


1 month ago

Gorgeous, very sweet, great show, she needs a better set up. Beautiful girl

2 months ago

Very cute and pretty lady

3 months ago

She is very sexy girl, will call her again

3 months ago

Great. Very willing to please

4 months ago

With the best here. I'll be back

4 months ago

Shes the best I have ever used for being foreign

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4 months ago

Very sexy!

4 months ago

this wonan is a really lovely surprise :-)

4 months ago

What a fantastic time with her better than you think she will be. Gorgeous and great body.

4 months ago


5 months ago

What a sexy and hot beauty.

5 months ago

She was amazing, and so sexy. I think I'm in love

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