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Sexual orientation
Breast size
160 cm
52 Kg
roleplay, pantyhose, cuckold, mistress, stockings, slave, highheels, cfnm, strapon, teasing, edge, outfit, bodyworship, soles, lipstick, teasedenial, dresses, weird, sexstory, pantyshow

Hello guys my name is Christina and im 26 years old, welcome to my profile:)
Im a nice, fun , tolerant,understanding person but im strong as well.
While u will be in pvt i want u to enjoy our time as much as i will.
Please take time to read it before going private.
The accessories that i can use during the pvt show are the following:
OUTFITS==> By far one of my favorite thing, puttin various outfits for you in order to bring to live some fantasies and scenarios.I have various clothes which can be more elegant, business style, glamorous/party, girl next door, schoolgirl/teeny clothes with 18++ only. Ask me in messages and lets see if we can find what u search in my wardrobe;)
PANTYHOSE==>I have different colours and texturs(matte, lycra,fishnets,etc), ask me in message
LEGGINGS(Different styles,textures and colours:metallic, sporty,denim,girly) ask me in message
STOCKINGS(Different colours and textures:nylons,fishnets,lace,sheer) ask me in message
SOCKS(Over knee school girl style 18+ or ankle sock) ask me in message
GLOVES(fishnet,lace,faux leather, real leather,satin) ask me in message
HARNESS(body harness,leg harness)
CHOCKERS(faux leather, lace)
GARTERS(Various colours and materials) ask me in message
SHOES WITH HIGH HEELS(pumps, platforms, sandals,) ask me in message
BOOTS( pvc over knee, ankle boots and flat boots
SEQUIN CLOTHES(tops, skirt, dresses, legging)
1 LATEX RUBBER SUIT( this requires long pvts since its hard to put on and delicate) ask me in message
DRESSES(Mostly black, sexy, skater, tight, etc) aks me in message
FETISH CLOTHES(Mostly from PVC, dresses, leggings, catsuit)
COATS AND JACKETS(Furry coats, faux leather, real leather) ask me in message
TOYS(Strapon, 1 big dildo for fetish games and comparing, 1 small dildo for humiliation)
LINJERIE(TeddiesBodysuits 1 pcs linjerie, fishnet catsuit, bras and panties,etc) ask me in message
PANTIES( Many black pairs but also colored,few satin and full back, lace,etc, i have many pairs) ask me in message

Regarding the fetishes and things that im willing to do during the pvt show , here are some of them:

CFNM( Clothed female naked male)
TEASING(any kind of tease but not pornographic)
FASHION SHOW(Changing clothes for u)
OUTFITS(Choose your favorite outfit for the chat if u have a fantasy)
LEGS,FEET AND SHOES(Teasing, soles, etc)
PANTY SHOWS(Lets try various pairs and see how they fit from different angles)
LIPSTICK, GLOSS AND MAKE UP(various colours and textures, choose)
EDGING(Lets see how much u can edge without cumming and ur true resistance)
BODY WORSHIP(Worship my feet and heels, ass, etc)
HAIRY ARMPITS(I usually shave, but once in a while i let them be hairy...ready to worship and sniff them?)(ask in advance for this one)
BALOON PLAY(notice me with a bit advance for this one)
FEET CRUSHING(cruelty free, only food and objects)(ask in advance for this one)
SEX STORIES(Lets share some sex stories, im curious to hear urs also)
CONFESSIONS(Time to confess your dirty lil secrets that nobody knows about...in pvt of course, we know the deal with that:)
WEIRDISH THINGS(Anything weird, fetish , fantasy im ready to hear it and perhaps try to recreate some)
PIGTAILS(I can look n dress teeny as well, but 18 +++only)
CUCKOLDING(What woman doesnt love that>:)
ROLEPLAYNurse,business woman, schoolgirl 18++, bring more ideas)
CHASTITY TRAINING AND SISSY DRESS UP(Lemme see u rocking those girly outfits)
VANILLA SEX CHAT( Which means a chat regarding any sex topics of any kind)
SOFTCORE(Light sex chat, teasing and some stripping, this one is not instant and never hardcore)(ask me in message about conditions)
GF EXPERIENCE/FUN CHATS(We are all humans at the end of the day, lets relax and have a fun chat)
WATCHING PORN(Lets watch porn together, show me what is excting for u or ask me what i like:)(Dont ask me to masturbate to it)
Also there are more things that i can do but u must message me and ask me about it and lets see what will come up:)

       Things that i strictly do not like to do n will most likely refuse:anal shows, masturbations with cumshows, deepthroating and blowjobs, DP and anything related with hardcore.

       The type of man that is welcomed are mature man who know what they want, gentleman and respectfull people, fetishists, subbies and slaves. If u are a fuckboy or a dominant guy pls do not pvt with me i will not accept the pvt. 

WARNING:I do not like to be slave and do hardcore pornographic shows. Let's respect each other. Don't ask degradating or illegal stuff and perversions during the show.
That beeing said always read my profile before pvt and then if u like it proceed and we will have nice time together.


9 months ago

I love ❤️ her

11 months ago

Amazing x

11 months ago

Very sexy, lovely person, lots of fun xx

1 year ago

amazing, always again and again: amazing :)

1 year ago

No need to hesitate...she's amazing :)

1 year ago

Very cute with nice laugh.

1 year ago

So sweet, so sexy.. amazing body and face, wow:)

1 year ago

Very kind and a good person. Very good at what she does

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